Wire Mesh Filter Elements WR Flow direction from in to out up to 6 bar, filtration rating 25, 40, 60, 100 μm

WR filter elements have a wire mesh
with a star-shaped pleat and support
cylinder with square perforations.
They are used for medium to large
flow rates in inline filters, return line
filters and suction line filters. Filter
elements with a metal wire mesh
are often used as an inexpensive
and reusable solution. Depending
on the requirements (filtration rating,
pressure, dynamics) vaiours types of
mesh are used, such as twill, linen
and Dutch weave. Wire mesh filter
elements are always surface filters,
which means that they become
contaminated faster than single use
elements. For the regeneration, it must
be borne in mind that elements finer
than 40 μm can only be cleaned in the
ultrasonic bath…..