Válvula de retenção 500

Type RVM NG 4 up to 25 l/min


  • Leakage free in closed position
  • Screw-in valve
  • Screw-in thread G1/4 and G 3/8
  • With open or closed flow in direction of screwing-in


  • Seated valve
  • Cartridge type


The check valve RVM is a part of the 500+ series. It is a spring-loaded seat valve. The check valve is used for blocking of the flow in one and low-loss flow in the other direction. The closing element is guided.

Technical Data

Hydraulic fluid mineral oil according to DIN 51524 (other fluids on request)

Fluid temperature range -20 to 120 °C

Ambient temperature range -20 to 120 °C

Viscosity range 10 to 420 mm2/s

Porting NG 4

Max. operating pressure port A 700 bar

Max. operating pressure port R 700 bar

Pressure loss see pressure loss chart

Max. flow rate (G1/4) 25 l/min

Filtration class 21/19/16 ISO/DIN 4406


  • Valve: high tensile steel
  • Ball: hardened steel
  • Seat: hardened, ground steel