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Sistemas de arrefecimento fluido/Ar FLKS-1H


The FLKS-1H is a compact fluid/ air cooling system with a plastic tank housing and integrated air duct. This lightweight and robust design
makes it suitable for diverse applications.


The pump conveys the operating fluid from the tank through the part being cooled to the heat exchanger.  The axial fan provides the necessary air flow through the heat exchanger to cool the operating fluid.

Application Field

  • Fluid-cooled drives: Motor spindles, torque motors, servomotors, linear motors
  • Inverter cooling
  • Gearbox cooling and lubrication
  • Bearing cooling
  • Tool coolin

Operation Data

Cooling capacity up to 0.13 kW/K (see cooling capacity diagram)

Flow rate 2 – 15 l/min (see flow rate diagrams)

Operating fluid

Water-glycol mixture (W):

  • Potable water with 35 – 40% ethylene glycol-based or propylene glycol-based antifreeze and anti-corrosion concentration
  • Other fluids available on request (e.g., mineral oil).

Permitted temperatures

  • Fluid temperature: max. +60 °C
  • Ambient temperature: 0 up to +45 °C

Tank volume 5.5 – 7.5 l

Weight Max. 22 kg

Noise level (acoustic pressure) 70 / 72 dB(A) at 50 / 60 Hz (at 1 m)

Electrical connection Pump P (flow): G¾”

Heat exchanger K (return): G¾”

If possible, refrain from reducing the size of the line required for the threaded connections.

Mounting position The motors are usually electrically connected using a heavy-duty plug.

Terminal boxes available upon request.

Accessories ll Air filter

  • Air deflection
  • Filling level switch
  • Filling level and temperature switch
  • Flow switch

Combinations and other accessories available upon request.