Trocadores de calor

Refrigerador de ar industrial OSCA / OSCAF 0-3


The low noise coolers of OSCA / OSCAF series are mostly used in small and medium hydraulic systems. Compact and

efficient they offer high performance with a low noise level in a modular design.

The OSCA models with integrated oil circulation pump provide effi cient offline cooling of the hydraulic fl uid. The OSCAF models with integrated (insideoutside) fillter provide additional filtration, using the latest high capacity fi lter dirt holding development.


Product Features

Installed off-line, the OSCAF provides efficient cooling and filtration of the hydraulic fluid regardless of the duty cycle of the hydraulic system. And, the cooler can be sized perfectly to the necessary cooling performance, rather than to the maximum return-line flow rate. Off-line installation will also eliminate flow variances of the hydraulic fluid and resulting pressure spikes which potentially could lead to a premature
cooler failure.


Operation Data

Fluids Oils (mineral oils, synthetic oils, high viscosity oils,

biological oils, phosphate ester)

Viscosity 500 mm²/s

Temperature range Minimum / maximum ambient temperature: -20 °C bis +40 °C (Standard)
Minimum / maximum temperature of the medium: +20 °C bis +90 °C
Please contact the technical sales department in the event of deviating temperatures for applications with water-glycol.

Fan Radial fan in suction version (standard)


  • Three-phase motor
  • Efficiency class IE2 (only ≥0.75 kW)
  • Protection class IP55 Insulation class F
  • Other versions on request.


  • Screw pump
  • Operating pressure: max. 10 bar
  • Negative suction pressure of pump: max. -0,4 bar

Noise levels

See technical data.

The noise levels are only reference values as the acoustic properties of a room, connections and refl ection have an effect on the noise level.