Type DV7.1 With one adjustable change-over switch

Superior conception

Piston type pressure switch with one change-over switch, easily adjustable over the entire pressure range, with scale for presetting of the pressure switching point.

Real Swiss Quality

Designed for rough operating conditions, insensitive to hydraulic overloads, specially developed piston seal, housing made of anodized light metal alloy, degree of protection IP 65, with instrument plug according DIN 43650.

Easy to install

Ideal overall dimensions, can be mounted in any operation position, turnable under full pressure around the longitudinal axis, instrument plug
turnable by 4 x 90°.

Universal Application

7 pressure ranges for the optimal adaptation to any operating pressure, suitable for mineral oils (HLP-oils according DIN 51524), other mediums on request.


For the protection of the pressure switch we recommend the installation of a damping element as for example a throttle screw with double fitting according to the table below.