Placas de conexão e multi- estação de sub-placas

Type AP/RP700 NG 6 up to 25 l/min


• Subplates (AP) and multi-station subplates (RP) with threaded connections
• End plate (EP)
• Compact design up to six stations possible (see product information multi-station subplates page 3)


All control lines with common pressure (P) and common tank connection (T)
• User ports (A and B) are situated on the side of the plate


• Basic elements for the build up of hydraulic circuits


Technical Data

Hydraulic fluid Mineral oil according to DIN 51524 (other fluids on request)

Fluid temperature range

  • NBR: – 30 bis 80 °C
  • FPM: – 20 bis 80 °C

Ambient temperature range – 30 to 50 °C

Viscosity range 5 to 400 mm2/s

Porting NG 6 according to DIN 24340 / ISO 4401 / CETOP RP 121 H

Max. operating pressure connection P, A, B 700 bar

Max. operating pressure connection T 350 bar

Max. flow rate 25 l/min-

Filtration According to NAS 1638, class 6 resp. ISO/DIN 4406 17/15/12

Weight See dimension drawings

Material Galvanized steel, black chromated