Nitrogen Unidade de carregamento N2 servidor

HYDAC nitrogen charging units facilitate fast and cost–effective filling or topping up of the required gas pre–charge pressure in bladder, diaphragm and piston accumulators.

They guarantee optimum use of commercially available nitrogen bottles up to a residual pressure of 20 bar and a maximum accumulator pressure of 350 bar.


Depending on the model, N2 Server nitrogen charging units are suitable for charging small accumulators, and for pre–charging or topping up accumulator stations.

A piston accumulator is installed as the nitrogen pump.

N2 Server nitrogen charging units are equipped with a pressure safety valve which complies with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.


When charging hydraulic accumulators or accumulator systems, if the permissible operating pressure of the accumulator system is lower than the pressure in the nitrogen bottles used for filling, a pressure reducer valve must be connected to the gas bottle and must be adjusted to the required pre–charge pressure. (Please also refer to brochure no. 3.501, Charging and Testing Unit FPU–1) Hydraulic accumulators must only be filled with nitrogen N2 (oxygen–free), and not with oxygen or air.