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Modulo de nivelamento de contaminação CFM


The ContaminationFlushing Module CFM is a module system for flushing and for the flushing extraction of components in accordance with VDA 19 (ISO 16232 or 18413, respectively). The relevant surface is dedusted during flushing.

The CFM is comprised of a minimum of 2 modules:

Supply module CFM-SC (Supply and Control):


  • Fluid supply
  • Control

Flushing module CFM-FB (Flushing Box):


  • Component adapter


  • Automotive and supplier industry
  • Gear / motor construction
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Aircraft industry
  • Hydraulic and lubrication system components

The advantages to you

  • Achievement of specifications
  • Cost reduction thanks to fewer production failures
  • Reduction in start-up breakdowns
  • Optimization of internal and external process
  • Documentation of the technical cleanliness of components