Mobile Working Machines HYDAC Diesel PreCare


Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest operating conditions worldwide. To ensure the smooth operation of vehicles, it is essential to optimally treat the Diesel fuel in order to protect the engine and the entire power train from damage.

Modern Diesel filtration systems, like those offered by HYDAC with its new HYDAC Diesel PreCare (HDP), see to it that vehicle manufacturers and operators are protected from operation malfunctions, failures as well as expensive service operations.

The HDP offers best performance data through a two-stage water separation as well as excellent filtration behavior through the use of synthetic

Next to the fully automatic discharge Plug&Play (HDP HighTech) as innovative solution for userindependent, fully automatic water discharge, even during suction side operation, another manual water discharge option (HDP BestCost ) as userdependent solution is available. Also, both versions are available in double or even triple design and therefore appropriate for bigger flow volumes.

Both systems are pre-filters for suction side use and consequently protect all pumps and components of the fuel system against water and solid contamination.

Product advantages

  • Dual function: Diesel filtration and water separation through the two-stage element design
  • High performance stability, due to an efficient water separation on clean side over the entire service life.
  • Element change = complete overhaul, since the water separation stage integrated in the element is also replaced.
  • Extraordinary service friendliness through simple and fast element change
  • Environmentally friendly through fully incinerable element
  • Flexible in use due to inlet/outlet option
  • Ready-to-use at any time, self-sufficient system, Plug&Play
  • with TÜV certification
  • Guaranteed HYDAC quality since the filter can only be operated with use of an original HYDAC element