Manual de filtração

In the following pages you will find the basic principles of filtration illustrated and explained using simple examples.

For filtration and hydraulics specialists requiring more detailed information, we recommend downloading our complete filtration handbook (

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Awareness of fluids

As a manufacturer or operator of machines or systems in today’s fast-moving and globalized market in Central Europe, every possible means must be taken to continually improve competitiveness.

Primarily, this implies reduction in costs, not only of the purchase cost but of all costs generated during the whole lifetime of the system (Life Cycle Cost Reduction).


The condition of the operating fluid plays a key role in this objective since approximately 70 % of all breakdowns of hydraulic and lubrication systems can be attributed to the condition of the oil – with proven detrimental effects on the efficiency and profitability of systems and equipment.


Causes of breakdowns in hydraulic and lubrication systems.