LowViscosity Unit Coalescer Diesel LVU-CD-10


The LowViscosity Unit LVU is intended for offiline filtration. The LVU removes solid particle contamination and free weter from diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel is often  subject to long storage periods, especially in tanks which may be used infrequently. As result, solid particles and water are often deposited on the bottom of the tank and can then demage pumps and sensitive componentes, when switchinng on the motor.

In addition, over an extenteded period of time free water in a tankprovides a breeding ground for diesel fuel pests (microoganisms such as bacteria, algae, fungus, etc.).

Both can quickly lead to blockage of the machine filter and to demage to diesel injection system components. The consequence: impermiddibly high levels of dangerous emissions from the combustion engine. This leads to high costs for down time, replacement parts, maintenance and repairs.

The use of the LowViscosity Unit LVU minimizes contamination to a system and prevents expensive system down time. It also helps to avoid the necessity of early and expensive disposal of diesel fuel.


Portable and stationary emergency generators  e.g. in hospitals, shopping centers, power palnts

Tanks on portable machines  e.g. agricultural and forestry machinery

Storage tanks e.g. for agriculture and mining

Yachts and leisure boats

The advantages to you

Greater system availability

Reduced risk of diesel pests thanks to separation of free water from diesel fuel

Care and dewatering also possible when the combustion engine is turned off

Can be used flexibly thanks to adjustable transfer pumping fuction (continuous or time-programmed)

Optional automatic drainage of water from coalescing housing for increased convenience and greater process reliability


Technical Data

Dewatering performace

Water separation efficiency >95% acc. to ISO CD 16332

Achievable water content <200 ppm

Dewatering rate 12l/h at 5% water in the diesel


Hydraulic Data

Flow rate 10l/min

Permissible fluids Diesel, Biodisel B0 … B100, fuel oil

Operating limit Macimal 10% free water

Permissible fluid temperature range 5… 50°C*

Operating pressure Maximum 3 bar

Permissible suction pressure at suction port. -0.4 to 0.2 bar

Permissible pressure at pressure port connection 3 bar

Permissible pressure at the water 0 bar

Connection ( Suction and pressure side) M26x1.5 (18l) external thread