LowViscosity Housing – Coalescer Diesel LVH-CD


The LowViscosity Housing Coalescer LVH-C is mainly used for the dewatering of diesel. It is especially suitable for applications with large amounts of water that need to be removed in just a single pass.

The Optimicron®-Coalescer-and separator elements ensure that a high volume of water will be separated within just a single pass.

Available in various sizes, The housings can be optimally integrated into new or existing systems.

The filters are disigned according to the AD2000 German rules and regulations for pressure vassels or according to ASME.


  • Diesel dewatering of large flow rates.

The advantages to you

  • Excellent filtration performance in a single pass
  • Low pressure loss due to innovative element technology
  • Easy to service thanks to intelligent element design
  • Easy adapt to filter housings for removal of fine particles in diesel.