Interruptor de nível de óleo

Type FS Temperature up to 90° C Length up to 1200 m 


  • Guaranteed potential free switching
  • Can be dismounted without removing the tank cap
  • Suitable with many different fluids
  • Very good price/performing ratio


  • Smallest dimensions
  • Direct mounting on tank lid with a thread


  • Level and temperature control in the tank

Technical Data

Thread size M20 x 1,5 mm

Mounting position Vertical ± 10°

Instrument plug DIN 43650

Degree of protection IP 65

Switching voltage Level: max. 230 VAC/230 VDC

Temperature: max. 250 VAC/250 VDC

Switching current Level: max. 0,8 A/0,8 A ind.

Temperature: max. 2,5 A/1,6 A ind.

Temperature: max. 50 mA

Switchting capacity (level) Max. 20 W/26 VA

Temperature hysteresis Max. 25°C

Temperature accuracy ± 10%

Temperature switching point Normally closed: + 55/60/70/80/90°C

Normally open: + 60/70/80/90°C

Contact functions Normally closed or normally open

Medium Mineral oil