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HYDAC Unidade de controle da cabine de resfriamento HCC

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H.I.B Systemtechnik GmbH is a subsidiary of HYDAC International which employs over 7,500 worldwide.

Located in the Bavarian town of Friedberg, H.I.B. is the centre of excellence for refrigeration cooling technology. Innovative cooling systems for the machine tool and laser industries are developed and manufactured here. All machines are designed and developed in-house by our highly experienced R&D team.


Control cabinet cooler for top mounting or wall / door mounting Cooling capacities from 0.1 to 15 kW For all cooling applications in switchgear /control cabinets Stand-alone control of the system by means of innovative controller design Active coolers using refrigeration and passive coolers using air/air or air/water are available

The HCC control cabinet cooler system is flexible in its installation and designed to cool control cabinets. Special heat exchanger designs ensure energy efficient operation and a high level of operating safety. Regardless of the version used, whether air/air, air/water or refrigeration, the HCC series ensures optimal conditions and improved service life for your electronic components.


Compact construction Innovative heat exchanger designs Optimal separation of condensate User-friendly control interface Plug & play solution