Filtros de processo

HYDAC Gas Filters GCF for Dry Gas Seal Systems.

The more complex the seal system, the more rigorous the filtration technology.

Dry gas seals are used as shaft seals in turbo machines in the petrochemical industry.

The sealing gas which is pressurized externally is continually adjusted to maintain a higher pressure than that of the process medium inside the machine.

This effectively seals the housing and shaft from the process gases (which are wet, contaminated with particles, toxic and often flammable) to prevent the process medium from leaking into the atmosphere.

Dry gas seals on turbo machines are very complex systems and extremely sensitive to contamination from solid particles, aerosols and condensates.

While the shaft is rotating, a tiny gap, just 3 μm wide, is formed at the seal ring, through which the seal gas flows. To protect these seals, the seal gases must be filtered accordingly to ensure the seal has as long a service life as possible.


High level of operating reliability due to

correct filter design.

For the shaft seal to operate reliably over several years’ continuous operation, not only is elaborate measuring and control technology of the seal gas flow required, but above all, efficient and correctly sized duplex filters.

The gas filters and all the measuring technology is integrated into the seal gas panel that ensures the shaft seal is always operated under constant pressure and flow conditions.

Since the seal is also subject to natural wear over the years, an increase in the flow of gas through the seal and also through the filter is unavoidable on many systems over time. It is for this reason that the gas seal filters – when correctly sized according to

API 614-5 – are sized according to the flow rate to be expected after several years continuous use. This can sometimes be two or three times higher than the flow rate at the time of commissioning.

In addition to data on the typical operating conditions (pre-charge pressure, gas flow, temperature …), in order to select the filter correctly, a meaningful gas analysis is also required.