HYDAC Filtração de Elementos Filtrantes e soluções de filtração para turbinas eólicas

General Betterfit Range

Filter elements in proven Betamicron®4 element technology in sizes to fit competitors’ filters.

Technical details:

Filtration ratings: 3, 5, 10, 20 µm

Element Technology:

Betamicron®4 HYDAC standard element technology which has been specially developed to optimize the Life Cycle Cost of machines and systems.

Betamicron®4 elements are best suited to the filtration of high viscosity gear oils.

Filtration ratings: 3, 5, 10, 20 µm

Standard Filter Element RN 1000

Optimized for gear lubrication!

Also fitted with high performance Betamicron®4 technology, the Standard Element RN 1000 is particularly suited to wind energy. Filtration ratings: 3, 6, 10, 25 µ

Stage Element

Downstream coarse filtration ensures clean oil even with open bypass valve.

Application wherever a high level of reliability is required.

Technical Details:
Filtration ratings:
10 µm (first stage),
50 µm (second stage)


Betamicron® 4 (BN4HC)

Betamicron® 4 Premium (BN4HX) (particularly high contamination retention  long service life)

Option: 5 µm

Stage Element

Downstream coarse filtration ensures clean oil even with open bypass valve.

Application wherever a high level of reliability is required.

3-stage design can replace offline filter.

Improved cleaning of oil through the use of 5 µm fine filtration for part of the flow.

Technical details:

Filtration ratings:

5 µm (first stage),

10 µm (second stage) and

50 µm (third stage)

Version: Betamicron® 4 (BN4HC)