HYDAC Diesel PreCare (HDP)


Modern diesel filtration systems, like those offered by HYDAC with its Diesel PreCare, see to it that vehicle manufacturers and operators are protected from operation malfunctions, failures as well as expensive service operations. Best performance data through a 2-stage water separation as well as excellent filtration behaviour through the use of synthetic media characterize this product.

Next to water and particulate contamination, another unwanted interference factor in the system is air. If the pumps suck air, the Diesel engines do not start properly. To avoid this, hand priming pumps are installed for manual system venting.

Opposed to common solutions, where the hand priming pump is located in the suction line and cause significant differential pressure, HYDAC comes out with a more elegant solution:

From now, the HDP BC 600 is also available with optional electrical pump. It is mounted offline the system directly on the pre-filter which avoids pressure drop. Additional fittings, to install the pump separately in the suction line are not required.

Product Advantages

  • Venting the fuel system, by means of an electrical pump in the bypass and therefore without pressure drop and additional fittings
  • Space saving integrated system, no additional pipework necessary
  • Flexible connecting opportunities
  • Protection of the pump through enclosing chamber
  • Reduction of pressure drop through bypass location
  • Brushless pump, leading to increased service life
  • Can be integrated for starting/stopping functions
  • Beneficial start behaviour especially with cold start conditions
  • No time consuming manual pumping