Garantia de Qualidade para o Abastecimento de circuito de filtração: Filtro de baixa pressão MFX .

Leadership in technology – a firm foundation.

With over 5,500 employees worldwide, 40 overseas companies and over 500 sales and service partners, we at HYDAC are close to our customers for engineering advice, production, installation and service. The knowledge and skill we have gained in over 45 years of the most demanding projects in almost all sectors of industry means that,  not only do we understand the demands of the international market, but we are also on the same wavelength as our customers.

Our internationally acknowledged leadership in technology, our experience and sectorspecific knowledge together with our above average investment in and commitment to research and development at the highest level, using our own laboratories for simulation and practical tests, result in innovative and user-orientated solutions. Against this background, we work alongside our customers on their projects starting with initial equipment and the application of professional fluid engineering right through to fluid service.


From market to market.

By keeping our finger on the pulse when working alongside international OEMs and users, we recognise the trends well before outdated forecasts stealthily become inexorable problems. In this way it is possible to plan what today‘s market requires for tomorrow. The cry for ever greater capacity, ever more accurately controllable work processes and even longer service life is unmistakeable.

Today‘s rapid development in the field of electronics which already dominates all sectors, is evidence of this trend, in the same way that valve technology – e.g. that of mobile and machine tool technology – has become extremely fast but also compact and highly accurate. Since each more innovative high-tech hydraulic system is only as strong as the weakest element in the system, operating fluids too must meet the high standards. For effective and economical supply circuit filtration, the new HYDAC low pressure filter MFX brings the greatest possible reliability for future strategy and operation. For the market of today. And for that of tomorrow.