Sistemas de filtragem

Flexmicron Lacquer FM-L


Thel filter elements in the FlexMicron Lacquer (FM-L) product line are depth filter elements produced with melt – blown technology.

These elements have been developed and optimized specifically for varnish and paint filtration



  • Varnishes, Paints


Special features

Filtration performance 95%

Filtration rating 1 … 200 μm

Sorting accuracy

Caps welded, not glued

Wide range of adapters


Materials: Polypropylene

Spray spun technology, not wrapped

High media compatibility

Commercially available element geometry

Good Cleanliness gue to graded depth filter constrruction

High contamination retention due to large depth effect of the filter material

Production without contact to oil or silicon permits the filtration of varnishes and paints


Technical Data

General data

Lenght 10″, 20″, 30″,  40″

Filtration rating 1 … 200 μm

Filtration performance 95%

Filter material of element Polypropylene (PP)