Sistemas de filtragem

Filtro Wombat WBF


The Wombat filter housing WBF is used in particular for pre- and mais filtration of fluids. It ensures components and systems have excellent protection, primarily in industrial parts wasshers as well as in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

The following filter element are used:

  • Wombat filter elements: They are characterized by their particularly high contamination retention capacity as well as by low pressure loss.


  • Standard filter bags

The option of using these different types of filter element provides a high level of flexibility in system and in operation.


  • Industrial part washers
  • Cooling-lubrication systems
  • Hydraulic and lubrication systems

Special Features

  • High contamination retention capacity and low pressure loss due to statshaped folded Wombat filter elements
  • Very high filtration performace >99.8% in various filtration ratings
  • Bar magnets available as accessories for the Wombat filter elements
  • Very easy to service thanks to especial filter element construction

Techinical Data

Gegenal Data

Filter Size 100 and 200

Housing material Stainless steel

Operating pressure 10 bar maximum

Hydraulic connection at inlet (IN) DIN DN 50

Hydraulic connection at outlet (OUT) DIN DN 50

Operating temperature max. 75 °C

Ambient temperature range -10 … 40°C

Seal material FKM (FPM, Viton®)

Empty weight

  • Filter size 100 ~ 40 kg
  • Filter size 200 ~ 48 kg

Housing Volume

Filter size 100 = 15 Liter

Filter size 200 = 30 Liter

Filter elements/Filter bag

Permissible filter elements WB

  • Filter size 100 -> filter element N100WB
  • Filter size 100 -> filter bag size 1

Permissible filter bag

  • Filter size 200 -> filter element N200WB
  • Filter size 200 -> filter bag size 2