Filtração eficiente da energia. A nossa contribuição para a sustentabilidade


Innovative Filter Element Technology for Sustainable Filtration

HYDAC Optimicron® has a wealth of innovations and optimised features.

HYDAC Optimicron® at a glance:

  • Unique HELIOS pleat geometry
  • Innovative, integrated drainage layer*
  • New, upstream drainage layer*
  • Efficient filter materials
  • Expansion of the range of filtration ratings
  • Optimised filter element wrap

Optimicron® will save you up to 30 % in differential pressure. This not only protects your pocket, but also the environment.

Optimicron®Innovative Filter Element Technology for Sustainable Filtration

Resources are increasingly scarce, energy prices are rising and the environment is suffering. Energy efficiency is the key to counteracting this trend and to saving both costs and valuable resources.

HYDAC Optimicron® shows the way!

These innovative filter elements can make substantial savings on energy and costs for machine and system operators. The savings apply over the entire service life and the elements offer superior performance at the same time. The high energy efficiency of the new filter elements therefore reduces CO2 emissions.

Our contribution to sustainability!