Filtração e fluido condicionado. Resumo do Produto


The HYDAC Group

The HYDAC consortium of companies consists of 17 legally independent companies each with a different product and service focus.

With over 7,000 employees, a vast network of knowledge, experience and innovation is available to the customer across the world:

Collective expertise and enthusiasm for solving complex problems.

Range of services

HYDAC is a leading manufacturer worldwide of almost all the components and systems required in hydraulic and lubrication technology:

Hydraulic fi lters, lubrication oil fi lters and process fi lters, condition monitoring tools, sensors, dewatering units, coolers, accumulators, cylinders, pumps, valves and mounting elements.

The crucial advantage for the customer is: one stop supply – from high-quality components to subsystems, right up to turnkey complete systems, including FluidEngineering.

Global presence

With 45 overseas companies, and more than 500 sales and service partners, HYDAC maintains close links with its customers.

The high proportion of export business (over 80 %) is further evidence of HYDAC’s global presence. In Germany, HYDAC has 13 sales offices.

The production centres are in Germany, USA, China and Slovakia.

In addition, the companies RT Filtertechnik and Schroeder Industries are part of the HYDAC Group.

Satisfied customers in all sectors

HYDAC is renowned across all industries as being a skilled problem solver.

To list some examples: automotive industry, construction and agricultural machines, lifting and materials handling technology, rail technology, machine tools, plastic injection moulding machines, hydraulic and mechanical presses, iron and steel industry, power station technology, wind power, industrial processing, mining machines, marine and offshore technology, paper industry …

The HYDAC FluidCareCenter 

You can count on top quality and innovation.

Development at HYDAC means designing application-orientated fi ltration systems based on test results from our research and test laboratories as well as on-site measurement and analysis, taking into account the requirements of the user and the manufacturer.

In the HYDAC FluidCareCenter, in collaboration with our customers,we develop innovative projects in a wide range of industries.

A skilled development team, using state-of-the-art computer-aided analysis, measuring and testing equipment and test rigs, ensures rapid implementation of the project.