Filter Handbook

Selecting the optimum filtration
solution contributes significantly to
preventing damage caused by
contamination, to increasing the
availability of the system and therefore
to increasing productivity considerably.
The new filter element technology
Betamicron®4 has been specially
developed for the reduction
of the Life Cycle Cost. The previous
glass fibre elements from HYDAC
(Betamicron®3 generation) provided
complete security: a high level of fluid
cleanliness and long-term stability for
your hydraulic or lubrication system.
The new generation goes one better:
with further improvements to the
performance data the elements with
Betamicron®4 technology ensure
the highest fluid cleanliness. By
optimizing the filter media structure
both the separation performance and
the contamination retention capacity
have increased to a large extent. This
means that sensitive components are
protected over the long term and the
filter element has a significantly longer
service life.
Furthermore, even fluids with
extremely low conductivity can be
filtered without electrostatic discharge
taking place within the filter element,
due to a special feature of the filter
mesh pack. This is another benefit
therefore in the area of operating
reliability and gives HYDAC the cutting…