Sistemas de filtragem

Elementos Filtrantes para sistemas abertos

Open systems are fluid circuits subject to the continuous ingress of contamination from the outside. In most cases filtration is performed off line or in low-pressure circuits owing to the high amount of contamination to be dealt with.

Optimal Efficiency Combined with Maximum Process Reliability.

Filter elements assume the following tasks in an open  system:

  • Component protection of nozzles,high-pressure pumps, lathe shafts in tool machines, coolers, etc.
  • In-process filtration in function test stands, in cleaning, filing and lubrificant oil systems, etc.

Extracting quality standards, specifield filtration ratings and  high separation values translate into stable fluid cleaniness and optiman, Efficient operation.

Thanks to their design, HYDAC filter housings provide for a host of practical features:

  • Easy nabtebabce enabled via esasy-to-change filter elements.
  • Oncoming flow protection of filter elements to shield againts wash-out of contaminant material.
  • No overflow of contaminated fluid when changing filter elements.
  • Flexible filter element mounting in lenghwise direction so as to prevent tension build-up.