Elementos Filtrantes Betamicron®4 . Para Redução do Custo do Ciclo de Vida

Good. Better. Betamicron®4

The previous Betamicron®3 technology already provided certainty:

A high level of fluid cleanliness with long-term stability for hydraulic and lubrications systems.

The new generation Betamicron®4 goes one better:

Outstanding performance data for reduced Life Cycle Cost.


The key innovations of the 4th Generation are:

Optimized mesh pack structure with newly developed filter media and additional drainage layer.

Improved performance data (particle separation, contamination retention, ∆p/Q characteristics). Patented process for longitudinal seam bonding.

Element is fully discharge capable.

Use of spiral lock seam support tubes Element outer wrap in plastic (previously metal)


Technical data:

Pressure stability:

  • Low pressure

differential stability:

  • 20 bar (BN4HC);

High pressure

  • differential stability: 210 bar (BH4HC)

Filtration ratings:

  • 3, 5, 10, 20 µm