Dispositivos de segurança de fusíveis Temperatura com marcação CE

HYDAC manufactures different oil and gas side safety devices for the protection of hydraulic accumulators against exceeding pressure levels. To protect the fluid-side, the pressure relief valve, DB12 integrated in a Safety and Shut-off block SAF is available. Beside of the Gas safety valve,
GSV6, the burst disc and the proven fuse plug in carbon steel, HYDAC now offers for the gas-side protection a stainless steel fuse plug with CE-marking.


The new fuse plug, GMP6 is “devices with safety function” and is used to release the gas pressure completely, when the temperature rises in unacceptable levels


Technical specifications

Permitted operating pressure: ≤ 645 bar

Temperature range: -10 °C … +80 °C

Melting point: between +160 °C and +170 °C

Accumulator connection: 7/8-14UNF

Material: carbon steel

Part no.: 363501


  • quickly and easily retrofitted
  • suitable for diaphragm and bladder accumulators
  • particularly suitable for indoor applications (e.g. on presses)


Technical specifications GMP6

Permitted operating pressure: 50 … 420 bar (other on request)

Temperature range: -40 °C … +120 °C

Melting point: between +160 °C and +180 °C

Accumulator connection: G1/4-ISO228

Material: stainless steel

Part no.: 3517438


  • safety device approved according to Pressure Equipment Directive with CE-marking and Declaration of Conformity
  • variable capability of connecting for bladder, piston und diaphragm accumulators
  • suitable for large volume accumulators
  • particularly suitable for outdoor applications (e.g. Offshore)