Componentes Sistemas e Serviço para aplicações de hidrogênio.

Fuel cells live longer with clean hydrogen

Hydrogen technology is being rolled out across the world. Especially in the automotive industry, as an alternative energy source, hydrogen becomes more and more important.

With the Particle Sampling Adapter PSA-H70 and the Gas Filter GF1 HYDAC established two products for the infrastructure of 700 bar hydrogen fuel stations and thus provides a significant contribution to enhance the technical cleanliness at the stations.

HYDAC PSA-H70 – Particle Sampling Adapter

The PSA-H70 is a sampling device to check the technical cleanliness of 700 bar hydrogen fuel stations directly at the point of refueling. The PSA sampling procedure becomes more and more standard as automotive manufacturers and fuel station providers are using the device to check the quality of hydrogen after start-up and maintenance intervals at the stations.

The PSA is easy to use and gives an immediate and decent indication about the situation at site. In addition to this, HYDAC offers a sampling and analysis service to support our customers as best as possible.

HYDAC GF1 with HYDAC Chemicron® – High Pressure Filter with Stainless Steel Filter Element

The HYDAC GF1 filtration concept is the latest filtration technology for 700 bar hydrogen fuel stations. Due to the combination of application optimized filter housing design and unique filter element technology, the GF1 offers outstanding robustness, process stability, integrity and permeate quality to meet the high standards of 700 bar hydrogen fuel stations.

HYDAC – your reliable Partner for Hydrogen Applications

Besides the hydrogen infrastructure market where HYDAC delivers turn-key hydraulic and cooling aggregates additionally, the widely spread product portfolio of HYDAC provides a lot more options for the use in hydrogen applications: coolers for pre-cooling of the hydrogen, hydraulic units, sensors, testing and analysis systems, particle measurement technology, mounting technology, etc.

All components and systems can be tailor-made to the needs of our customers.