Betamicron®/Aquamicron®- Filter Elements BN4AM up to 10 bar, filtration rating 3, 10 μm

The presence of water in hydraulic
media is a frequent cause of failures,
for example, blinding of very fine
filters or jamming of valves and
these problems are often incorrectly
attributed to excessive levels of
solid contamination. In addition, the
formation of rust and the reduction in
lubricity on bearings and slideways
can result in significant deterioration in
system function.
In other words, in addition to solid
particles, water is an equally serious
contaminant of the hydraulic medium.
Since the conventional methods
of dewatering are in most cases
uneconomical in relation to the
purchase price of the system, HYDAC
BN4AM technology provides an
economically acceptable, yet effective
method of separating water from
hydraulic media which at the same
time achieves absolute filtration of
solid particles….