Betamicron® Filter Elements BN4HC/BH4HC

The 3-stage structure of Betamicron®
filter elements ensures the maximum
contamination retention and filtration
performance. An additional drainage
layer directs the fluid flow with optimal
efficiency, achieving particularly
favourable Δp/Q characteristics.
An innovative bonding process used
for the longitudinal seam guarantees
that the cut ends of the mesh pack
remain completely sealed even under
high load variations. This eliminates
the possibility of particles crossing
from the contaminated to the clean
To prevent the formation of zinc soap,
which occurs mainly in conjunction
with water-based fluids (HFA /
HFC) and bio oils, no components
containing zinc are utilized.
The metal tube which forms a stable
core inside the element is constructed
as a spiral lock seam tube. This
provides consistent stability and a
significant reduction in element weight.
The pleated filter mesh pack is
encased in a stable outer wrap.
This wrap distributes the incoming
fluid evenly over the mesh pack. In
addition the mesh pack is not directly
exposed to the flow, and this protects
it from pulsating flows. In this way,
the element achieves extremely high
fatigue strength values. Moreover,
the mesh pack is protected from
mechanical damage…..