Bombas Trocadores de calor

Bell housing with oil-air cooler PTK


The cooling capacity is dependent on the flow rate (see brochure)


The mounting position of the PTK is optional.The PTK must be positioned so that the cooling air can flow in and out freely.The cooler element inlet and outlet connections can be selected by the user. When mounting the fan wheel, the collar must be pushed right to the end of the motor shaft.Then the collar must be secured by tightening the threaded pin.If using motor construction types V1 and V15 the cooler element can simply be turned (see diagram).


See brochure, technical data sheet or design software.


Dimension of the cooler element connection:
G3/4 (PTK-200/-250/-300/-350) When mounting or dismantling the threaded connection of the cooler element inlet or outlet, the torque must be counteracted at the hexagon using a suitable tool(see diagram) To protect the cooler element from distortions Protect the connections of the cooler element from the torque M max. 40Nm