Aquamicron® Filtro de elemento


The presence of water in hydraulic media causes many problems, for example, the saturation of very fine filters or jamming of valves, and theseproblems are often wrongly attributed to excessive levels of solid particle contamination. In addition to this the build-up of rust and the reduction in lubrication on bearings and slides can lead to considerable impairment in the functioning of a system. In other words, water is a serious “contaminant” of a hydraulic medium. Since methods usually employed up to now to extract water have, on the whole, proved to be uneconomical compared to the purchase price of a system, HYDAC Aquamicron® technology offers an economically sound, yet effective, method of separating water from hydraulic media. Aquamicron® filter elements are specially designed to separate water from mineral oils, HFD-R oils and biodegradable oils. They are only available in the dimensions of the HYDAC HC return line filter elements from size 330 upwards. This means that they can be installed in all HYDAC filter housings from size 330/331 upwards, which are fitted with return line filter elements. The increasing pressure loss in a filter element which is being saturated with water indicates, by means of standard clogging indicators, that it is time to change the element. When Aquamicron® technology is employed, solid particle contaminants are also separated from the hydraulic medium as a side-effect. This means that the Aquamicron® element doubles as a safety filter. The “filtration rating” is 40 µm absolute (β40 ≥100 to ∆p = 3 bar). In order to guarantee greatest efficiency it is recommended that they are installed off-line.


The separation of water from hydraulic fluids with the aid of the super absorber embedded in the filter material is based on a physical chemical reaction. The super absorber reacts with the water present in the medium and expands to form a gel, from which the water present in the medium can no longer be extracted even by increasing the pressure.

The Aquamicron® technology is capable of absorbing circulating water, be it emulsified or free. These filter elements cannot remove dissolved water from the system, i.e. water below the saturation level of the hydraulic medium.



Max. permissible operating pressure

  • 25 bar

Max. permissible ∆p across element

  • 10 bar

Temperature range

  • 0 °C to +100 °C

Compatibility with hydraulic media

Mineral oils:

  • test criteria to ISO 2943
  • Lubricating oils:
  • test criteria to ISO 2943
  • Other media on request

Cracking pressure of the bypass valve

  • ∆p o = 3 bar +10%

Bypass valve curves 

The bypass valve curves apply to mineral oils with a density of 0.86 kg/dm3. The differential pressure of the valve changes
proportionally to the density