Trocadores de calor

Air Cooler Industry / Mobile AC-LN / ACA-LN / ACAF-LN / AC-LNH ATEX

For applications in potentially explosive
areas are the air cooler series AC-LN
(without pump and filter) and AC-LNH
also available with ATEX certification.
In order to prevent serious personal
injury and damage to equipment, the
highest possible level of safety must be
achieved in such potentially explosive
locations. Numerous requirements in
terms of laws, regulations, directives and
standards have been issued worldwide
to enhance the level of safety.
In the context of globalisation, these
have been combined, at least in Europe,
into harmonised directives for explosion
In the EU, the so-called ATEX directive
regulates explosion protection (ATEX
is the abbreviation of ATmosphaére
Explosible). This directive of the
European Parliament and the Council
(RL 94/9/EG) which has been in force
since 1994 regulates “the alignment
of laws of the member states relating
to equipment and protection systems
specifically for use in potentially
explosive locations”.
The target group includes amongst
others the manufacturers of equipment.
Following a revision in July 2003,
all new equipment must be realised
according to this directive. This directive
applies to areas where potentially
explosive gases and dust are present
and also in mining…