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Thermostat adjustable TR / AITR


The TR/AITR is an electrical switch, opening or closing the circuit at the selected temperature. TR could be mounted in the tank; AITR is mounted in one of the cooling element free ports. TR/AITR are supplied with a probe holder.


Technical Details

Temperature range 0 bis 90 °C +/- 3 °C

Switching differential 4 bis 8 °C

Storage temperature – 15 °C / + 55 °C

Contacts ratings C1/C2

(C-1) 10(2.5)A NC/250 V

(C-2) 6(2.5)A NO/250 V

Cable gland M 20 x 1.5

Max. ambient temperature 80 °C

Max. bulb temperature 125 °C

Rate of temperature change 1 K/min

Degree of protection IP 40

Max. working pressure 10 bar


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Thermostat fixed AITF


The AITF is an electrical switch, closing the circuit at a certain fixed temperature. TF could be mounted in the tank; AITF is mounted in one of the cooling element free ports including the adaptors.


Technical Details

Case Brass

Operating temperature – 20 °C / +120 °C

Contacts NO (normally open)

Switching differential 10 °C al temperature change rate of 0.5 °C/min

Tolerance +/- 3.5 °C at temperature change rate of 1 °C/min

Operating voltage/current 220 V AC / 10 A – 125 V AC / 15 A – 12-24 V DC / 2A

Electrical connections according to DIN 43650

Hydraulic connection thread

M22X1.5 standard (1/2″ BSP, 3/8″ BSP on request)

Seal material NBR

Life time 100,000 cycles

Protection degree IP65 standard

Max. working pressure 200 bar

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Integrated Pressure Bypass Valve IBP


The IBP is a valve that closes the bypass channel of the cooler. When the pressure exceeds a certain value in the cooling the IBP opens the bypass channel and allows a part of the fl uid to bypass the element.

Technical Details

  • Low pressure drop
  • Works in any position
  • Maintenance-free
  • Max. working pressure: 16 bar

IBP version           Available opening pressure

IBP2                                             2 bar
IBP3                                             3 bar
IBP4                                             4 bar
IBP6                                             6 bar

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Integrated Temperature Bypass Valve IBT


The IBT leaves the bypass channel open so that a part of the fl uid bypasses the cooling element. Only when the fluid temperature reaches the required value, the IBT closes the bypass channel and the fluid is cooled down. So, a too low temperature of the fluid can be avoided i. e. at cold starts.

Technical Details

  • Fixed setting temperature value
  • Low pressure drop
  • Works in any position
  • Maintenance-free

IBT version           Available closing temperatures           Available opening pressure

IBT 25-x                                             25 °C                                                                 x = 2 / 3 bar

IBT 45-x                                             45 °C                                                             x = 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 bar

IBT 50-x                                             50 °C                                                                 x = 2 / 3 bar

IBT 55-2                                             55 °C                                                                          2 bar

IBT 60-x                                             60 °C                                                                  x = 2 or 3 bar

IBT 65-2                                              65 °C                                                                          2 bar

IBT 75-2                                                75 °C                                                                         2 bar

IBT 80-2                                               80 °C                                                                         2 bar

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