Sistemas de filtragem

189 FluidAqua Mobil

The FluidAqua Mobil FAM Economy
series operates on the principle of
vacuum dewatering to eliminate free
and dissolved water as well as free
and dissolved gases from hydraulic
and lubrication fluids.
Since it uses HYDAC offline filter
element technology with its high
contamination retention capacity
and filtration efficiency, the unit is
extremely economical.
All units are equipped with an
AquaSensor AS 1000 for continuous
monitoring of the water content and
control of the unit. An FCU 1000 (see
Accessories) can be connected for
temporary measurement of particle
To increase the dewatering capacity,
for high viscosity fluids or for low fluid
temperatures, an integrated heater is
The Siemens S7 series of
programmable logic control (PLC) in
combination with a Siemens control
panel guarantees simple and reliable
operation in many languages…