Trocadores de calor

Sistemas de arrefecimento CMS Sistemas de arrefecimento móveis

Combination of:

  • Air-Air Coolers
  • Oil-Air Coolers
  • Water/Glycol-Air Coolers


The CMS series is designed specifically for mobile applications where high performance and efficiency are required and physical size is minimized to allow easy installation.

Moreover, due to the recent exhaust emission regulations, which require the progressive reduction of pollutant emissions from mobile machines and tractors. The size and the number of several engine components is increasing and the available space inside the machine hood is decreasing.

Product features

The CMS series is a development, optimization, combination and integration of the OK-ELH and OK-ELD series and offers more performance combining more circuits, up to seven in a compact design creating a single cooling unit.

The CMS series can cool several circuits on the today standard mobile machines equipped with TIER III-IV engines exhaust emission regulation:

  • Charge Air Circuit (CAC) for the turbocharged diesel engines
  • Water Glycol Circuit (RAD) from different engine types
  • Oil Circuits (OC) transmission, engine, hydraulics and brakes
  •  Diesel Circuit – Condenser on demand the system can also be equipped with air conditioning heat exchanger.

The CMS series is composed of a combined (COMBI) set of heat exchangers, mounted in a side-by-side or front-to-back layout. The package is generally incorporated in a single or double air conveyor, combined with a single or double fan.

The side-by-side design can achieve all the required cooling power requested from the today available market mobile specifications. Combined with the correct air-fin turbulators for all dusty environment it can be used in agricultural, forestry and off-highway applications.



Customized solutions can be done with various function integration such as integration of housing, tank and filters in a single component with Out-to-In or In-to-Out filtration technology.

Devices to control fan rotation – sensitive to the temperature, for hydraulic and DC motor are available such as electronic speed control (ESC), thermal bypass (TB) and proportional valves (PV). IBP or IBT – Integrated Pressure Bypass or Integrated Thermal Bypass – can be integrated in the oil or transmission cooler


Typical applications of the CMS series include:

ON-Highway applications:

  • Municipal Vehicles and Municipal Machines
  • Concrete Mixers and Concrete Pump Trucks
  • Mobile Cranes and Truck Cranes – Military Trucks – Modular Transporters

OFF-Highway applications:

  • All types of Harvester Machines (e.g. potatoes, corn, grapes, etc)
  • Pavers, Rollers, Graders, etc – Road Machines
  • Dump Trucks
  • Seismic Vibrator Trucks
  • Forwarders Machines
  • Loading Machines
  • Mining Machines
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Wheel Loader
  • Military Tanks
  • Snowcats
  • Tractors

The CMS series can also be used in electrical and diesel trains. Applications in aggressive environment are also possible due to special coatings e.g. for gritters or marine applications.

  • C = Cooling, Combined, Compact, Customizable
  • M= Mobile, Multi-circuits
  • S= Systems, System Integration, Silen