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Pre-Filtration for Ultimate Cleanliness and Efficiency: HYDAC Diesel PreCare.

Recipe for success:
Constant progress.
Continuous product improvement
is our driving force.
It is through product innovation
and efficient solutions that
we meet the steadily growing
demands of our customers
as leaders in technology.
With over 8,000 employees and
over 500 sales and service partners
we are in close contact with
our customers all over the world.
Innovative solution
and sound design.
Mobile machines and commercial
vehicles are subject to the
toughest working conditions all
over the world. To ensure smooth
running of vehicles and to protect
both the engine and the whole
drive system from damage,
optimum diesel fuel conditioning
is particularly important. With
its new Diesel PreCare, HYDAC
offers a modern system for diesel
filtration which protects vehicle
manufacturers and operators
from failures, breakdowns and
expensive service interventions….