Maquinas móveis de linha de retorno RFM Design customizado


The new RME return line filter developed by HYDAC offers flexible installation possibilities, because it can be integrated as two different versions. On the one hand it is possible to use the filter as in-tank solution. In this case the oil flow comes from the top and the return line connections are located laterally in the tank chamber.

Also the RME can be integrated as tank-top filter.

In both cases, the flow direction of the filter element is from inside to outside and a bypass valve is integrated. The element is also fitted with Quality Protection (the sealing between element and housing flange is made in an oval shape). The sealing element lies as an O-ring in
the oval groove. Therefore the filter can only be properly operated if an original filter element is installed. The new RME is available in various sizes

Technical Data:

  • Approved operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. flow (depending on size): 600-1200 l/min
  • Filtration from inside to outside
  • Integrated bypass valve
  • Integrated Quality Protection
  • Flexible use as tank-top filter or in-tank solution
  • Cover unit out of aluminum

Product Advantages

  • Securing the spare part business, since the Quality Protection is integrated
  • Service-friendly and cost-effective since the cover unit is made of aluminum and therefore manufactured in a very light design
  • Increased service life, thanks to high-class HYDAC element technology