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HYDAC Sistemas de refrigeração do fluido chiller RFCS

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All the requirements… H.I.B Systemtechnik GmbH is a subsidiary of HYDAC International which employs over 7,500 worldwide. Located in the Bavarian town of Friedberg, it is the centre of excellence for refrigeration cooling technology. Innovative cooling systems for the machine tool and laser industries are developed and manufactured here. The intelligence demonstrated in our machines originates exclusively within our company

…for efficient cooling solutions The RFCS Refrigerated Fluid Chiller System cools various fluids such as water, water/glycol or oil down to, or below, the ambient temperature. The cooling system, which consists of a chiller, pump, tank and electronic control, operates independently and highly accurately to a specific setpoint.

Think green – Act green

The energy efficient, patented mixer principle, combined with a sealless submersible pump, makes this system the ideal component for your machining centre.