Cilindros e Sistemas de cilindros para todas as indústrias


Permanent surveillance of all processes. From design to mounting, control ofsingle parts as well as the final products, the measuring surveillance, contamination control of all hydraulic oils used.

Our top goal:

  • High quality
  • constant improvement of our quality
  • permanent observation of our production and control of the goods produced

Quality concerns our whole efficiency on all levels of our company:

  • determination of our customers needs on schedule and specification conform delivery of the products
  • installation
  • repair

Our level of quality is shown in a very tight and individual cooperation with our customers and suppliers. And in constant training and continuation of employee education.



For high demands on our final products we use up-to-date technologies: 3D-calculation, FEM and simulations for optimized designs.


Flexibility in Production.

Through qualified, highly motivated experts and modern machinery equipment with all possibilities of treatment and processing.


Solutions out of one Hand.

Wherever you need us, we are there to help you find the best solution. For each application from the component to the complete system.


Telescopic Cylinder.

Lengths of 7 to 15 m, totally self-driving and surveying systems with measuring system, pressure transfer, hydraulic control block, valves.


Special Cylinder for Road Mills.

Cylinder with oil lines through the inside of the piston rod.

Locking Cylinder.

Leakage free cylinder with integrated valve technology. Weight optimized design of all cylinders through special steel.


Tension Cylinder.

Special solution: cylinder with power pack. Delivery of complete systems to adjust the top part of crane vehicles.


  • larger loading area
  • higher loads


Rotary Joints 2 – 18 Channels.

Suitable for transfer of hydraulic energy from generator to user. Highly modern rotation sealings come to utilization.
Following media can be transferred: oil, water, air pressure and electrical energy.


Mast Restraint- and Rope Tension Cylinders for large Equipment.

Special cylinder with torsion control inside, integrated valve technology and control unit incl. valves and sensors in the cylinder.