Filtros de processo

filtro de alta pressão de retrolavagem AutoFilt® RFH

Technical Specifications


The backflushing high pressure filter AutoFilt® RFH is an easy-to-operate backflushing filter for water-based fluids at operating pressures of up to 350 bar. The main area of application is to protect shield hydraulics in mining. However, other applications are possible, such as rotary valve hydraulics of pumped storage hydrostations, paint filtration or the protection of high pressure nozzles. Three sizes are available and volumes of up to 800 l/min can be achieved. The backflushing is carried out manually using switch levers. To some extent the filters can also be controlled remotely electrohydraulically or purely hydraulically. As the working fluid, the customer’s own operating fluid or an external hydraulic fluid is used. Robust filter materials in stainless steel are available, such as slotted tube or multi-layered wire mesh.

Construction and Function

The sizes RFH-1 and RFH-2 consist of stainless steel housing blocks which can be mounted to the supporting structure by means of the bore holes in the corners of the housing. On the RFH-4, just the filter head is designed as a housing block; in this version the elements are in two screw-in cylinder bowls. The inlet and outlet connections are opposite each other (inline model). The backflushing ports are on the side. Ensure that connection of the backflushing lines to these ports is secure because of the high pressures. A slotted tube or a wire mesh element, which is divided into two filter chambers, is fitted into the filters RFH-1 and RFH-2 respectively. In the RH-3 and RH-4, two divided elements are fitted. Each filter chamber or each element is backflushed manually by switching a ball valve.