Trocadores de calor

Air Cooler Mobile OK-ELH 2-7 with hydraulic motor

Viscosity 2,000 mm²/s (standard)
Temperature range ll Minimum / maximum ambient temperature:
– 20 °C bis + 40 °C (standard)
ll Minimum / maximum temperature of the medium:
+ 20 °C to + 130 °C
Please contact the technical sales department in the event
of deviating temperatures.
Fan at max. speed (max. volume of air) must be avoided when
operating a cooler at which the temperature difference between
the medium inlet at the cooler and the ambient temperature
can be greater than 50 °C. Quick changes in the temperature of
the cooling element material can lead to a significant reduction in
service life or to direct damage of the cooling element due to
thermal shock.
Please contact the technical sales department to receive
information about controlled fan drives.
Pressure resistance
of the cooling element
ll Dynamic operating pressure: 16 bar
ll Static operating pressure: 21 bar
Fan Axial fan in suction version (standard)
Axial fan in pushing version on request
(note: approx. 10 % less cooling capacity)
Motor* ll Hydraulic motor
reversible with drain port
ll max. outlet side pressure: 120 bar
ll max. drain pressure: 2 bar
ll max. peak pressure: 6.3/14 cm³/U = 300 bar, 22 cm³/U = 200 bar
ll Operating fluid: Mineral oil to DIN 51524/25 DIN 51511
Fluid viscosity range: 10 – 600 mm²/s
(recommended 30 – 45 mm²/s)
Fluid temperature range: up to 90 °C
Filtration : ISO/DIS 4406, Code 19/16, β25 > 75
Noise levels See technical data
The noise levels are only reference values as the acoustic
properties of a room, connections and reflection have an effect
on the noise level.
Accessories ll Integrated pressure bypass valve (IBP) or
integrated thermal pressure bypass valve (IBT)
(cannot be retrofitted, also see options)
ll Thermostats
ll Air filter grid or air filter mat
ll Vibration damper