Trocadores de calor

Air Cooler Industry AC-MS Modular Systems

Due to the high level of efficiency
achieved by our aluminium cooling
elements made with “plate & bar”
technology, the new AC-MS coolers
are designed to allow the installation
inside the standard and high cube
ISO 20-40 ft container, for Diesel / gas
engines, gas turbines and compressors
with the highest power output.
The modular design of the coolers
makes possible the integration in several
types of installations, and offers the
possibility to expand the cooling capacity
of new and existing power plants.
The AC-MS coolers may be used
for cooling the following fluids:
ll Engine cooling circuits
HT High temperature circuit
for jacket water
ll LT Low temperature circuit for
air to water charge cooler
ll Charge air for Diesel and
Gas turbo after-cooled engines
ll Lubricating and transmission
oil circuits
ll Diesel fuel……